Kori Downs
Owner/Personal Trainer/Instructor
Nurse BSN, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified, Pediatric Life Support Certified CPR Certified, NETA Group Fitness Certified, NETA Indoor Cycling Certified

Kori holds a Bachelors Degree of Science in Nursing. She's primarily worked in the operating room for her career. Fitness has become her passion, initiated when she decided to create a healthier life style for herself and her family. After having two kids and weighing nearly 200 pounds she began her fitness journey with an at home product called P90X. Losing 30 pounds, her passion for fitness and helping others has only grown. She became a consultant for at home fitness, began to teach group fitness classes for others, has reached hundreds with nutrition programs, and now has reached her dream of owning her own space to touch as many lives as possible. Kori strives daily to mainly a balanced life, both inside and outside the gym.

Cathy Wilson
Cycling Instructor
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA), Certified Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certified, Basic Life Support Certified 

Cathy has worked started as a CRNA in 2005, working in a variety of settings. She loves the ability to magically take away a person’s pain and the amount of trust relinquished she is given as that person is put to sleep. She soon realized that many surgeries were necessary only due to lifestyle related diseases, and could have been potentially avoided with preventative self-care changes such as nutrition, weight loss and pain management. (important to note: this is not always the case—surgery can be absolutely necessary and life-saving). This is when Cathy’s personal fitness journey was really established. She found the outdoors, she established herself in the gym and found a love for selfcare. After a family tragedy, her oldest daughter being hospitalized with viral meningitis, Cathy’s family’s perspective changed on health and wellness. Cathy started reading everything she could on nutrition, healing, inflammation, auto-immunity, mind-body medicine and brain health.  She was determined to keep her family as healthy as possible, without depending on unnecessary medication. This is when she discovered Functional Medicine as her true calling.

Chantel Holz
Certified Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certified, Basic Life Support Certified 

Chantel Holz is a South Dakota native and has been active in the fitness industry for the past 20 years.Her fitness experience began early participating in athletics in high school, continued through college with weight training and followed into adult life with more intense weight training and group fitness teaching. She has multiple years experience teaching group fitness classes and personal training. Health and wellness has always been a passion. She graduation from SDSU with a Bachelors degree in Science in Nursing in 2004, and has been a Certified Nurse Practitioner since 2010. Diet, exercise and comprehensive mind & body wellness to promote health is the cornerstone of her care on a daily basis for her patients.

Dayna Bodensteiner
Yoga Teacher Training Certified 200 HR

Dayna is a software product manager by day. She values health and fitness in her quest to be her best self. Moving from student to teacher, Dayna became certified to teach Vinyasa Yoga in the summer of 2018, she credits this transition for drastically changing the focus of her life through a deepening awareness of what Yoga means.  She is passionate about sharing this practice with a wide variety of people in various settings and feels deeply honored for the opportunity to do so.    

Stacey Nelson
Fitness Guru

Stacey Nelson is a lifelong athlete and spends most of her day either biking, running, swimming or skiing or some combination of these. Over the years, Stacey has completed in events across the country at a variety of levels and sports. She respects the importance of excellent form, cross training and a balanced diet to obtain optimal results. The once professional kayaker has turned her focus over the years to a more uniform life between sports and family. Her hope is to give back one heck of an awesome workout so you can go home and relax - guilt free... or kill your next race... Whatever suits you best. Either way, it will be fun.


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