Vinyasa flow is yoga characterized by integrating postures together to flow from one direction to another, using breath to guide movements. These classes are diverse, appealing to all levels of yoga. Perfect for those experimenting with yoga for the first time, as well as those who have mastered the art of yoga poses. This class with help you maintain balance throughout your active schedule, both physically and mentally.

A high intensity total body workout. This class is a fusion of basic yoga poses blended with primary weight lifting mechanisms to strengthen, tone and stretch every inch of your body. These classes are fueled by upbeat music to keep energy and stamina flowing throughout the duration of class. This 60 min class will have you dripping with sweat from start to finish. 

Do not be intimidated by the word of yoga as just a few basic poses are used throughout the class including crescent pose, warrior 2, reverse warrior, down dog, side angle and chaturanga. These poses are done in a repetitive fashion, allowing you to catch the hang of it in no time. The perfect combination of yoga and hard weight lifting will keep you wanting more week after week. 

Broga-Yoga is a unique series of yoga-based fitness movements developed to make yoga more appealing, accessible, and rewarding to anyone, but especially men. This class will teach you how Broga-Yoga combines traditional yoga postures and functional fitness movements for a strong, energetic, and challenging mind-body workout that is less flexibility-intensive than other forms of yoga. In this class you will learn how to focus on the development of strength and cardiovascular fitness, resulting in a class that feels great and delivers a revolutionary workout experience. Strong, energetic, and challenging, Broga combines the best core-strengthening, muscle-toning, cardio-working, stress-reducing, clarity-enhancing yoga postures with functional fitness exercises for an amazing workout, without the worry of not being able to "touch your toes".


Barre is a full-body, low impact workout. It consists of large dynamic movements, micro muscle mobility, with isometric holds and combinations of low impact cardio bursts to leave your muscles shaking. Barre concentrates on body alignment, muscle awareness and the breath/body connection, which will leave you feeling empowered and in control of your body. This class is guaranteed to leave you feeling sore in places you didn't know possible.


Total Body Burn Cycling is a is a low-impact, energetic cardiovascular workout. This class is ideal for beginners and professionals alike, as gears guide your intensity, and strength builds quickly. These classes are designed to burn big calories, gain muscle and build endurance as your legs flow to the beat of the music. Before you know it, you will lose yourself in the upbeat rhythm of our cycling classes, letting your daily stressors go with each pedal stroke. Instructors may incorporate light weights in a seated position to give you an upper body workout to make a total body burn to utilize the most of your precious time. You can find yourself riding to Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Classic Rock and Special Themed Rides.


Body weight exercises, with slow functional movements. This class focuses on form and connecting breathing with basic body weight principles. Option to add in resistance to amp up the class for those veterans. This class is a great for those just looking to get into fitness, or for those looking to switch up their routine. 


Heavy weights, low repetitions, high intensity, with small bursts of HIIT cardio to flush out the burn. This class is designed to increase muscle. We will perfect the art of form, breathing and total body movements to get your heart rate sky rocketing. You'll be guaranteed to scorch calories long after your workout completes. Weight lifting classes not recommended day before or after this class. 


A chance for bonding time with our young ones, learning the fundamentals of fitness, and modeling a healthy lifestyle.  These classes are a chance to get out of the house, spend time together, be silly, burn calories to high energy music.


Daily workouts with clean simple movements calculated throughout the week to give you results. Contrasting muscle groups are challenged throughout the week to give you an effective fitness routine. 

Maybe group classes don't fit your day..

or you don't enjoy the group setting..

or entire hour doesn't fit into your schedule..

Drop in, get it in and get out. 

Our instructors will be there to guide you with questions and as always help you with form. 


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