FLX Studio was created while Kori was working as a fitness professional, training clients, teaching group fitness, and offering clients with nutritional guidance. She always had the dream of opening her own studio, having a place to call her own. While walking downtown, a location caught her eye, with a little nudge from her Dad, the reality of her dream became a little more clear. She knew she needed to begin perusing a full time career a a fitness professional. She felt strongly about wanting the studio being located in the heart of  Rapid City, so clients would have the ability to socialize after class, there would be easy access to class and opportunity to provide classes to business in the downtown area.

Kori’s vision for FLX studio was intentional. She wanted professional, qualified instructors to guide clients through their workout. Since her background was so , she felt it was important to have skilled instructors with a like-minded background and training to ensure classes are planned with mind-body considerations to ensure safety is the number one focus. The majority of our staff is backed with medical education, that extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and the application of fitness, body mechanics and most importantly form during All of these qualifications is what sets our gym aside from other gyms.


We are fitness professionals providing an exceptional wellness experience to each person that walks in the door. We want you to feel at ease in our ability to lead you in expanding your level of comfort to  pushing your limits of fitness. Classes accommodate to all fitness levels and abilities. 


The FLX Fam is a community of people sharing common goals and similar interest. 


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